KT-400 Powerful, Ethernet-Ready Four-Door Controller

Kantech™ KT-400 is an Ethernet-ready four-door controller that provides 128-bit AES-encrypted communication with the EntraPass system and is a highly secure solution for any security-conscious business. KT-400 can easily be integrated into an existing EntraPass system with other Kantech controllers (KT-100 and KT-300) or can provide the foundation for a brand new security installation. With an embedded Ethernet port, IP connectivity is effortless.

EntraPass Go Mobile App

Experience the ease of use and flexibility of security on the go with the EntraPass Go mobile app. Interact with your EntraPass security management software with only a few taps on your mobile device. Our state-of-the art mobile app is available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android powered phones and tablets. It gives you anytime, anywhere access to over 20 security tasks such as card management, lock/unlock doors, request reports and much more. And best of all, the mobile app links to EntraPass which provides a scalable and robust security management solution. Download the EntraPass Go mobile app and get security on the go!

EntraPass Web – Web Delivered Application

EntraPass Web is a web delivered application that allows administrators to easily perform a host of functions including telephone entry, card management, door control, live video, maps, alarm management and much more. It brings simplicity to security professionals wherever they are, and allows them greater accessibility to handle those important, day-to-day access-related tasks. EntraPass Web features a user-centered design that makes it simple to understand and navigate and enhances the effectiveness of the security system, allowing users to better protect those assets that are most important to them. Equally important is the scalability of EntraPass Web, which can grow as the systems it supports are upgraded or expanded.


INTEVO provides small and medium sized businesses with an ideal platform to grow their security system to meet their organisation’s needs over time. Access control, IP video and Intrusion are combined in to a single appliance designed to simplify and streamline even the most complex security procedures. The ability to integrate with intrusion panels, monitor access control and connect these events with video information, makes INTEVO a must have for any new or existing security system.